WD Zombie Dog + Sacrifice unbeatable?

Witch Doctor
I was looking through this article, and was curious - can anyone think of a burst AOE build with more output than this? Perhaps the Wizard could come close with Death Blossom - thoughts?

to me no because in hell/inferno the hp will outweigh the damage preventing the kill bonuses for the respawns to work. therefore you will get

1 x 4 explosion
1 x 2-3 explosion
1 x 1 explosion
maybe another 1x1 or 1x2 explosion

wait 55 seconds.
I plan on doing this build and I think it will work because you still have a primary and use BBV, mass confusion etc.

Wizard is capable of a lot of % damage increase but nothing like soul harvest might be capable of. Most of the build relies on sacrifice and thats it, everything leading up to a single 1 damage skill. Everything to set up this skill has an extremely long cooldown which would mean you could potentially spend long stretches between nukes with lots of useless skills.

If you fail to manage your CD's in a very delayed way (roughly 2 sacrifices a min) then you risk being completely useless for a long stretch of time. Dogs are going to die super fast even if you don't blow them up. To benefit from Circle of Life, you need to stack +gold pick up range which will never be optimal as a gear stat so you're going to be nerfed some because of that.

Sacrifice looks like it has a ton of problems right now and only looks useful to me in a PVP setting. Soul harvest will likely suck for PVP. Having said this, this is almost identical to the build I first planned for the WD. I had a corpse explosion necro on D2 so I really wanted to make sacrifice work. I intend to try hard after launch to fit the square peg into a round hole.. I just don't think it will be any good.
I am leaning towards sacrifice not working as viable in higher difficulties, a proc sacrifice build ties up a lot of skill slots and runes just to proc dogs, and the skill may not be as effective against enemies with possible health in the millions.

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