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We all know Mephisto's soulstone was destroyed in Diablo II, which should effectively banish him from ever returning to the realm of sanctuary.

My question though is does the destruction of the Worldstone at the end of Diablo II lift that banishment at all?
Personally I don't think I would be able to answer that myself, but in the Evil is back trailer, I saw what I believe to be Mephisto's half side... So maybe...
The destruction of Mephisto's soulstone banished him to the Abyss, but it doesn't keep him from reentering sanctuary. He could be summoned from the Abyss at any time, just like Lilith was.
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He could be summoned from the Abyss at any time, just like Lilith was

Lilith returned from the Void, not the Abyss. The Void and Abyss are different. The Abyss is where slain demons are sent. Powerful demons, such as Diablo, Mephisto, Baal, etc... can return from the Abyss. The void is where anyone, or presumably anything, can be sent. The Void is more like a prison, while the Abyss is more like Demon Purgatory.
The stones were made to contain the spirit of the Prime evils onto them, and thus they are not intended to allow nor block the access from them into the sanctuary. We destroyed the soulstones because they contain their power altogheter and this is why Baal, on LOD, seeks marius, to get to the stone, which would make him even more powerful.

Both prime evils can return to sanctuary. We just don't know how it actually works and if Diablo's brothers wil be returning as well, or if they will transform into a greater evil or something .

The worldstone wasn't intended to block sanctuary from being invaded by hell. It actually worked as a disguise Inarius and Lilith prepared so that neither heaven nor hell would be able to find it. But once the nephalem begun to grow stronger, eventually they discovered its existance and its now free to acess.

The only reason tyrael destroyed it is because it was corrupted, and would soon or later corrupt alll humans into evilness.

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