Brawler: A Must Have?

If I remember correctly 10yards out, if you were zoomed out was about where the barbs head was.
While the concept of Brawler is nice, if the range was out to 20meters it would make this a hell of a lot more viable and a no brainer. Regardless this passive will be situational and would probably tie in well for aoe builds. There were plenty of times you had in beta when this would have been useful, probably 30%. Once we get out of normal into the higher difficulties mobs get alot more aggresive and could have the pack on you in a heartbeat making this indeed viable even at 8 yards. On bosses this may not be the best skill to have unless you are dealing with the adds.
Might be decent when combined with leap. Leap will let you (somewhat) accurately put yourself into a big pack and make best use of the skill. Outside of that, there are at least three other passives I'd rather take on a barb that have much more utility in a greater variety of situations.
Its an awesome passive and I think a lot people will pick it up. I think I will focus my passives on defensive at first and then try the offensive ones and see if I am getting that return or if it 'feels' right.

Understimating by about 50% It could have just been the zoom preferences of the players, but the areas and ranges did not appear to be quite as small as the diagram suggests.
05/10/2012 12:30 PMPosted by MegaMooMoo

8 yards is a small area in game, but so long as you don't use any knockback attacks and can weather the storm of the 3+ enemies beating on you while you wear them down, then this could be quite useful for group clearing. And don't forget, champions come in packs, and some bosses will have spawns which.

Just a few thoughts on the topic really. I don't know how useful this will be in game, but I think ignoring it because you think 8 yards is too small a radius is silly. Try it out for yourselves, that's what I plan on doing.
That distance map looks pretty accurate to me from beta experience. 8 yards is the area of leap attack, and it's hard to hit more than 4 monsters with it, even in tight packs. 12 yards is the range of ground stomp and rend/bash/frenzy, and that looks about right. The skill video for earthquake corroborates this map. Watch the center of the earthquake and then observe how close the monster in the upper left has to walk before burning. That looks right on the 18 yard mark for the map to me.

Brawler is a really good passive, even with its range, but it highly depends on how the other skills in your build position you for the majority of enemy groups. If you're not right in the middle of groups all the time and work mainly at the edges or use a lot of range and knockback, other passive damage buffs will yield more overall damage because they'll be active way more often.

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