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I have question to ask.
I just bought mountain lion for my iMac; the version is 10.8.
What happen with launcher? I can't play my diablo 3 right now..
need help.

Runs like a charm on my MacBook Air (2012) updated to Lion 10.8.1 (4GB RAM, 1.8GHz i5) :)

Now, if I could just log in ...
mid 2009 macbook pro 13", lowest settings possible and my fps is 15-20, is this normal? because i wouldn't call this playable
I activated my account by entering the CD key. Tried installing it onto my mac but it gets stuck at the installation screen. Stays at 0%. I tried closing it and opening it again as well as ejecting the CD, re-inserting it and trying again but still no luck. Any ideas as to what the problem might be? Thanks!
is this forum dead or what? i'm not getting any answers or suggestions
mid 2009 macbook pro 13", lowest settings possible and my fps is 15-20, is this normal?

Don't quote me on this, but I'd say 15-20 is probably about right. The nvidia 9400M is a very low end graphics card. If you have everything on low I'd say that's about all you'd get. Have you also lowered your screen resolution?

Additionally, you may get better performance running Diablo under bootcamp in Windows if that's an option. The Windows drivers tend to provide better performance.

I did read that Blizz are trying to improve gaming performance with the next patch.

Also, I found this
Most of these won't apply to a healthy system.
ok, windows is not an option on my macbook pro, the resolution is not 16:9, and the menu items, including the cursor, are huge, on osx, the cursor stays at the native resolution, and the game runs a little better, i hope they will come up with something for the 9400M
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I feel like an idiot. I bought and downloaded the game and my Mac system is unsupported (Intel GMA 950). So, I can not play either. Is there any way I can get a refund because there is no way I can afford to purchase a new computer to play D3 :(
I am in the same exact boat as you. Did you get a refund through customer support?

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