Will my macbook pro run D3 well?

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I've got an old Macbook Pro and I was wondering how well it can run D3. I went through the minimum system specs, my laptop seems to meet the requirements but will the game be playable?

I'm also a little worried if the game will make it overheat, I've got a USB fan running underneath it but I'd rather not have my laptop explode in a ball of fire. I don't want to find myself facing the Burning Hells IRL as well :(

For reference, it has...
2.2 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo processor
NVidia 8600M GT with 128 MB VRAM
your computer is the apsolute bare minimum actually, so it may run it but it could be rough.
Yeah i had an older dell XPS with that video card, i have read that it is very prone to overheating causing artifacts on screen first, then total failure... if it runs, keep an eye on it. Maybe short play intervals....

i know that would suck but at least it would play...
Hnngh ><

My laptop's video card has blown up twice. I'll have to see when the game is released.

Thanks, guys.

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