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Hi, I downloaded the beta without a problem, but the current pre-download is not working. I am currently a student in college behind a NAT firewall and I am receiving "The tracker is not responding" signal...I was hoping that someone could help me.
Well, you clearly can't change the configuration of the router/firewall, but try the following:
On the blizzard downloader, go to View -> Preferences , and disable peer to peer transference.
I thought of that too but it still gives me "the tracker is not responding signal" even when peer-to-peer is off...
If this means that I have to wait a tad when diablo 3 comes out that is fine, but I only bought the online version and am concerned I will not be able to install the game at all.
Go to a Holiday Inn and use their Wi Fi?
Same problem here. Dl'd the beta just fine. Now this won't work.

just updated my World of Warcraft with no problem as well..

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