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So, I got the download done at 7.60 gigs but when it finishes it just goes away and nothing happens. I was told by a friend that another screen is suppose to pop up with the install ( i know you cant) but nothing happens to me.. why? This is concerning me.

Try what I have in this sticky post

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It is already on manual.. :/
You talking about this screen?

Once the 7.6 gb was finished for me I went into the folder and hit Diablo III Setup.exe file. It took about 5-7 minutes on the updating screen until that diablo screen in that image pops. When I hit install it gave me
Hit set-up in folder? i only have the downloader..

I only have part of the file :/

The downloader will download all the files needed and when it's done, it will run the Diablo III Setup.exe file by itself, prompting you to install at which point you see the fire in the sky message. Having the Windows Secondary Logon service disabled would prevent the file from running so you'd see what you described basically.

Look in the folder you downloaded. It's called "Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer" and will be where you specified for it to be downloaded. There should be no files inside with a .Part extension. If there are, it never finished properly and needs to be continued by re-running it. As long as you tell it to use the same place you did the first time, it will pick up where it left off.

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It would not work, I just re-downloaded it :/

it does work now though
I have a problem too... It seems to be the same error, my download stopped around 4 gigs, but I haven't recieved any folder or nothing like that. I only have the installer laying around, and my Secondary Logon is on "Manual"
every time when i click install it said

Failed to download a required installation file ( Please check your internet connection and try again

but i've ran the installer and have no PART. files...
Hamhunteren, it sounds like you simply need to resume the download. Re-run the downloader file that you downloaded initially, when it prompts you to choose a folder choose the same location and it will resume downloading automatically.
I have downloaded this damn game 4 times now. I get to the end and the downloader does nothing but sit there. No confirmation of completion or anything. 7.6 of 7.6 gigs. And when I try to install it I get the error with tome 2. If I restart the downloader it tells me I have 3.5 gigs of 7.6 and downloads for hours again. This is an absolute disgrace.
I downloaded it 3 times and keep getting set back 4 gb when I retry the download after failing to install. I downloaded a new client from that is different than the one I downloaded yesterday. For this new client, I don't specify the folder to download it to and it is a total of 8 gb instead of 7.6 gb. Maybe this one will work and I hope this helps other people.

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