How's my build ?

any advice ?
Put a rune in battle rage.
I'd pick something other than Ruthless passive because you don't really get any goodies from crits such as HotA BirthRight.
I like deafening crach in ground stop. I think 60% slow is better than a modest amount of damage.
I like the reduced cooldown per target hit on Furious Charge better than life gained. Especially considering you have the bloodlust passive and lifeleech will surely be found on gear.

Revenge is also a very appealing skill to me. I personally don't see myself ever playing a barb without revenge.
It's good to have an overlying theme to a build, at first I thought "decent build looks like it would do well in inferno" because of the life leech and some runes that leech but then I saw you didnt get life leech on other abilities so it had a decent mix, but I noticed you dont have a really good single target damage ablitiy and if going with the theroy it is a good "inferno" build then it has to have a decent single target attack like frenzy maybe or keep cleave, make it rupture and get hammer of the ancients as a spender? the rune that drops health globes, staying with the survivabilty theme. its a good build all around though tell me know it works out!
Single target dps, get some

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