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Hi, i'm Matthew, I am 18 years old and my favourite kind of games are games like Starcraft 2 and C&C 3.

I posted this on the "General Discussion" forum as well because i'm an Australian, who, generally, 3 or 4 days a week, will probobly play during the day time as well as night.

It would be nice if I could ditch this WoW avatar in favor of my Hydralisk one (I did give WoW another chance for a month or so with scroll of resurrection, and ultimately found it really boring) but oh well.

I play Zerg in SC2 — was diamond for 5 or so seasons (dropped to plat this one, cause I took a break from SC2 hehe) and I think I will make the Wizard my main in Diablo 3.

I am looking for people to play with in Diablo 3, and if you like we could even start a clan.

The kind of people I would want in my clan are polite individuals with a competitive spirit :)
You don't have to chat if you don't want to, just don't be rude.

I will be looking for players who are reasonably skilled as well, as this may be a necessity on the higher difficulties.

The kinds I don't want however: Rude people, whiny children, people who are obessed with gear/achievements, People who berate others for not leveling fast enough (etc).

Keep in mind this clan will not have a flashy website or anything like that.
It will be about finding intelligent, skilled and polite allies that want to play this game with each other.

Anyone interested? :D
Hey Matthew (Matt?).

My names Ben, and I'm 20. I've played far too many games for my age :P but I consider myself to be pretty good.

Originally I planned to play with my buddy but he's working a fair bit so by the time he gets to inferno i'll probaby be there for a few weeks.

For the first few days after release I intend to play pretty hard and get to Inferno as quickly as I can and then from then on I'll probably just play at night or whenever I can get away from my girlfriend during the day :P.

I'd love to find someone or a few people to play with to smash it out whilst still having a laugh and helping each other out.

At first I'll probably be quite shy but as we get to know each other I'll become pretty chatty.

In cause you didn't know, when you play co-op only the person who starts the game gets the quest advancement. Meaning that if you clear act I on your game, if I go to play by myself I'll start from scratch. Soooo if you are more than happy to play through for all players (eg we clear act I for you, then do it for me. Do act II for you, then me. etc), which will help us stay over leveled/over geared for harder difficulties anyways, then I'm down.
Hey guys, I made a similar post to you guys a few weeks ago, looking for allies to play with in d3.

I ended up stumbling upon a new Australian d3 guild called Calamity (http://forum.d3calamity.com) and joined up.

I'd really recommend it if you are looking for a community of mature players who will be playing in the time zone.
Sounds Interesting
I'm a respectful player from NZ, looking for friendly people to play with once I reach hell/inferno. I think it's important to treat people well. TheCulture#1554
Hay Matthew, I may play through normal with my ""Witch Doctor"" first. I want to slowly read all the story without any interruption...

After I bit Diablo in normal. I will be happy to join other and hunt all the way to Inferno. I truly hope I can bit Inferno, since Jay Wilson said Inferno is so HARD that not everyone can bit it.

I am looking forward to meet some new face, my tag is "Demonkey#6845"
Hey Matt, my name is Matt but i go by Bunce,

Im also looking for a group of Aussies who want to play in a casual manner (while not wanting to drag my feet through the game this also does not mean i want to overly rush things.) I consider myself a mature enough person who loves to have a laugh and not take the negatives of a game to heart. I live in Melbourne and will be playing most nights. my hash tag is Buncey#1721 so contact me sometime if you want someone who is willing to help you with that quest i just finished (and don't mind doing it again)

im down. BloodyHell#1680
count me in Mevil#1351
Heya all. I'm 24, currently spending my life training to join a specific navy job. Between that and holding downa casual (usually nights) job, and hanging withyt he missus I have a fair bit of time to game. I usually buy 1 game a year and for the last few years it's been Borderlands< SC2, Skyrim and now D3.

In game I'll be playing monk class, because there's nothing more manly then fisting skeletons. I have a few friends that I will play with, but I don't think any of them will play as much or at launch. Would be very keen to get on skype and game it up with some Australians and maybe even Taswegians.

sup people im looking for people to play d3 with as well, im playing with a wizard at the moment (CM) lopoliman#1350 add me up :)
LookingForMore interested in a mature active guild we organize using a Raidcall server(similar to vent with guild chat and ranks)for guild groups, farming teams,ubers and keys.Add for more info. Nugius#1400

Check out Our Forum Thread for more info on the guild:
add me Troubleshoot #6790

No offence but, durring me reading the post above I thought I was on a dating site...It was quite strange at first but after I remebered what I was doing......I just skipped to the bottom and posted.
snap am i late to the party? ;<


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