Dumb Blizzard Korea ruined D3 in Korea. Fix p

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yes, there can be dissatisfaction.

But, this is serious. Maybe you already knew it 'cause it's big deal.

The wizard girl says in Korean with lovely tone and voice, "I need more arcane power~♡" when out of mana. Think about your little girl fxxxed and beaten by monsters but cannot escape having little mana, and says " blah blah ~♡♡♡"

It doesn't match the great, dark and gloomy diablo world.
What's wrong with Blizzard Korea dubbing team? Are they dumb? dumb dub?

Lots of Korean Diablo gamers are making a claim and blaming Blizz Korea.
They must be monkeys.

Blizzard have to fire the head monkey, and order to fix it.
We Korean has the right to enjoy the dark and perfect Diablo3.

I won't say that why the voice of Witch-doctor (looks old and be drugged up to the eyeballs) seems too young and normal, even gentle.

Monkeys are misunderstanding the world of Diablo.
I think they just want enjoy D3 humming themselves happily, regardless of the Outlook.

Please Sir Blizzard, Fix this world right ~!!!!!!!!
They are not developing minded, and giggling too much exited.
you are awesome
Hah. I saw exactly this when I was at my BIL's place in Seoul, I thought his and his wife's head was going to explode over it.
That sucks. Maybe get a copy of the English version later?

They characters will be speaking English however, at least they will sound like they belong in Diablo.

Good luck. =/
Am i the only one that doesnt know what that dude is talking about? he wants the princess to say she has no arcane power or he doesnt want her to say it? and is he mad that they threw in the hearts or not? cuz he quoted the hearts so they must have included.
S/He's talking about the voice acting not matching the Diablo theme. Instead of being Darkish and gloomy/gritty or whatever, the voice sounds upbeat and poppish. Which is where the complaint is.

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