Can my pc run?

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can my pc run?

Pentium Dual Core CPU e5300, 2.60 Ghz 2.61Ghz (my biggest doubt, cuz minimum saying pentium d 2.8)
2gb ram ddr2
RADEON HD 6570 1gb ddr3
Windows XP service pack 3
Pentium D is an old processor, your E5300 will be okay. The rest meets the minimum specs.
The best thing you can try to do is visit this website:

install the tool, and select Diablo 3 as the game. It will gather your specs and compare them to the Specs listed on the Diablo 3 Specs. It will tell where you meet/pass, or Fail/need improvements.
05/11/2012 01:57 AMPosted by Negao
can my pc run?

I dunno, does it have legs?

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