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One other question: Can I just copy my files over onto my old mans comp so we don't have to go through the whole process again (kind of like you can with WoW)? Or will I have to do a separate download? (This will be after the downloader is done on my comp obviously).
You cant Copy the INSTALLED GAME Folder, However you can copy the Installation Folder over. The Installation Folder is just that, its not Machine Specific.

Feel free to copy the Downloaded Installation Files to a USB stick or Network transfer them over to other comp. Shouldnt have a lick of problems.
Cool. Wasn't completely sure. Good to know.
05/11/2012 06:11 AMPosted by GhstlyMarine
You cant Copy the INSTALLED GAME Folder

You sure about that? It certainly works for SC2 and every version of WoW since launch.

I could even copy the WoW install folder from my PC to me Mac and it worked perfectly fine.
You can copy the installed game folder over.
Jujubiju ,

It's ok to move the game folder between computers but keep in mind, the game is going to do a check when it starts and if the hardware doesn't meet requirements, you may be prevented from playing.

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