increased lag to blizzard gaming servers

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so i have been having some increased latency to your wow gaming servers, and i really dont want to deal with the same issue with D3 so i was wondering where the servers for D3 are located and if i could get some IPs to run tracerts to so i may find out if i am going to get bad ping before i even start playing. thank you
You play via region. I also hear that they also have fancy local combat processing so you don't get that kind of lag combat effect like in WoW.
if its based on region there still needs to be a server that i ping to connect, which means i will still have latency, therefore combat could still lag on me. i play in U.S West so my server ping is probably going to be in the LA area i would imagine, if i could just get a blue to post an IP to ping that would be great. i do appreciate your comments though starman :)

They're not available as they haven't been brought on-line yet.

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ok but can i assume they are located in LA for US west?
Pwnykég ,

That would be a very good assumption.

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live in alaska, so the closer the better lol, thanks for the quick replies Omrakos

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