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Went to pre-order diablo 3 and it's going to cost 80$ not that i can't afford it, It's just Americans only have to pay 60$ I store in my town is selling it for 60$ which is where i'm going to get it from. So just wondering why a store in my town is selling diablo for 60$ and the creators are selling it for 80$ and 60$ to their own country?
Exchange rates?

And, Blizzard only sets a recommended retail, its up to the vendor how much they actually sell if for.
The RRP in Aus is $89, that is the price that blizz set for the game which they recommended it to be sold for.

The Cost that stores pay for the game is WAY below this so to up sell and be the 'cheapest' they sell for cheaper(ie JB selling for $69).

Blizz just sell at the RRP since they don't care about competition and such.

It sucks that our RRP is worse then US's RRP but its all based off physical sales not online only sales(this is to keep the actual stores happy).
Ah i see !!!! smith is selling for 60$ http://!!!!smith.com.au/product/YG1075PRE/
D.I.C.K = !!!! >.>
haha forum censoring, was wondering how you managed to type !!!! in a web address XD

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