looking for suggestions on build..

My opinions on each skill and passive:

-Reaping Swing with Cleave is what I would also use.
-I dont think I will use Weapon Throw, but Dread Bomb would be very lethal at full fury.
-Good rune choice on Leap.
-I would rather take Iron Hide or Mob Rule on Ignore Pain.
-Wrath will be good for soloing, but if in a prty I think Call of the Ancients would be better.
-I dont like the rune choice for Revenge, it procs more than you think even with the base 15%. I would take Veangence is Mine for Hell and Inferno, and Best Served Cold for Normal and Nightmare.
-As for your passives, Weapons Master is great, and so is Animosity, but if this is intended to be a DPS build, switch Tough as Nails with Ruthless, or Brawler.

Just my 2 cents. Pretty decent build nonetheless IMO.

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