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An unexpected error occurred while trying to install. Please try again or contact Customer Support. Is anyone else getting this? I see most others getting streaming errors. But I'm getting this error instead... I'm feeling dreadful. =(
right click on the install file and "Run as Administrator" that should fix it.
05/14/2012 08:27 AMPosted by DeMante
right click on the install file and "Run as Administrator" that should fix it.

I have same problem as OP and i ran as administrator still didnt work. :(
05/14/2012 08:27 AMPosted by DeMante
right click on the install file and "Run as Administrator" that should fix it.

Same problem didnt work! :(
I am also getting this error :(
Same error I'm getting, and run as admisistrator does nothing.

same problem on Mac OS/X Lion.
Same problem
Same. Running on new alienware X51 desktop. (and the proposed solution is not working)
I'd have the same problem, but when i downloaded the installer again(I have not deleted the game), and ran it, the game install perfect... Try this way :)
Indeed mine is not installing correctly and I am to resort to what Void is doing.
Rerunning the installer like Void mention fixed it for me.
I had the same issue with my install (on two different machines).

I originally downloaded the installer from the Annual Pass in March (filename: Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer-downloader) and had it ready to go when I got the error.

I logged back into my Battlenet account about 15 minutes ago and clicked on the download client link (forget the correct name of the link sorry) and when I downloaded the installer I got a different file (filename: Diablo-III-Setup-enGB).

I'd tried re-running the setup file that I got in March and it checked it and there were no problems however the installer still bummed out. I ran the new installer file and pointed it to the setup directory and after it checked the folder it downloaded an approx ~50MB file.

When I tried to install it the next time it worked fine.

Note: I chose to restart before running the second installer successfully as the first (March) installer was still running in the background.

It may work for other users as another thread suggested the same thing with some success.
I had the same issue, i tried running as admin and rerunning my downloader with no success. I fixed the issue by redownloading the downloader and runnning it. I downloaded another 40MB or so and then it installed just fine.
I noticed the same error. I did this.

1. Go to then account.

2. Click diablo 3

3. Re-download the installer

4. Set download to the same location you previously did

(Mine had to download an extra 5mb, assuming this was missing)

Then install :)
Yep, between activating the secondary user account, deleting all cahce of the downloads (programdata/, disabling MSI afterburner, disabling antivirus, downloading the new client install, I've finally got it working... Thanks to everyones help!
I'm getting the same thing on 2 comps in the house. One's a laptop the other a new super computer both having the Digital version and same installation issue.
I resolved this by re downloading the Installer again and pointing it to the same directory.
it also downloaded about 5mb of data, Game is installing now.

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