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Hi blizzard,
Sorry if this isn't in the right section or anything but I'm not used to forumé
As I said, I got a question about the 1-year subscribtion offer. When and where exactly am I supose to get my Game key?
it is already attached to your account if you purchased 1/year
check main page on acc management
i assume its automatic , was for me :)
There is no game key associated with the digital download. Just click the option that says you've already activated as the game is already on your account.
log into your account, go to summary page, click diablo 3, download game. there is no physical key, it is already enabled on ur account if you purchased the annual pass
Alright guys, Thanks a lot! I was not sure if I needed to register it even if it was already connected to my battle net account! But thanks anyway and good luck crushing the evil!
How do we know if our 1 year is up? I can't remember when I activated it and don't want to risk discontinuing and losing my Diablo, but I do not want to pay for WoW for the time being.

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