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I kept launching it...leaving it for 15 minutes...killing it and launching again. Eventually it got through a pass where it updated successfully and launched, I've now watched the cinematic and am sitting at a login prompt. Nothing was wrong with any of the settings on my machine....none of the accounts didn't have permission, it wasn't security software causing it....wasn't services disabled. Eventually it just decided to work (after I'd tried everything and nothing worked).

I guess my suggestion is...make sure you give it a good 10 minutes every time before you give up and decide nothing is happening. I was back on the forums looking for answers and pointing people at these threads....when I looked back at my launcher window and it was working.
Key is that folder, wipe it over and over until D3 installs and launcher loads, don't worry about it at any point, just keep wasting it and run the installer or the desktop icon.
(MAY have to run them as admin and/or with compatibility mode set to Windows XP SP3)

This is what we call JOB SECURITY in the tech support business.

This install really sucks... definitely needs work!

Of course if your firewall is blocking it, your never getting it done.

I am going on download files, OLD versions, the new one just put in play, I am not sure about, but likely similar, the downloading part should be in the pretty launcher, not that grey bland box with the blue line, that should last 2 mins at most.
kk. i got it

here is what i did..

update your windows, especially update anything related to net.framework

if still not working, try delete the '' folder. If you use XP, go to my computer>>Disk C>> Documents and settings>>all users>>application data (this folder is hidden). There should be a folder called ''. I deleted it then I clicked 'Diablo III Setup' which we used to install the game, 'checking setup files' popped up and this will generate a new '' folder for you. You do not need to click install this time, just close it, and run Diablo III on your desktop again. It will start updating files again, but amount of files is less this time, down from 14xxx to 12xxx. After it finishes, you should be able to start the game.

what i did
Hey, I was wondering how long the "Diablo III Setup" sat at "Updating Setup Files" for you?
anyone find a good solution to this?
does giving the main .exe admin right and windows xp sp3 compatibility that others are using for other issues help with this?

I fixed my issue with the launcher.

the 1st post in this thread page 11, the user posted his folder files. This fixed my issue, along with redownloading everything.
you might be able to skip redownloading and just copy his files over.
05/14/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Hubris
I suspect this issue is basically the same as the 'updating setup files' one - just at a different stage of completion. Both are essentially that the agent.exe is trying to reach out to the internet for updates and it isn't working - which is why all the troubleshooting is around security applications, internet connection settings in IE, etc. If you are getting the launcher freezing issue and you delete your programdata\ folder as some of the troubleshooting suggests - I bet you'll then find yourself with all the others at the 'stuck on updating files' prompt. Same background cause.

I think you are spot on. The issue is the AGENT.EXE!

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