Will Monk be the dominate PvP Class?

Whats your opinion?

Barbarians are the unstoppable force but when it comes to PvP I feel like Monks will be the dominant mele class and perhaps dominate class for PvP in general. Just look at there abilities, alot more to them then click and pew pew. They have a plethora of escapes/tricks at there disposal.
Weird, I actually thought the monk and barb were gonna have a hard time, having to get in and build resource to attack and use their moves, while the other class can just keep firing and running.
Monks strike me as the best class for pvp.

Insane amounts of group utility, unkiteable, still being able to smash things themselves and so on.

Its practically impossible to tell though. Even if the game had been out for several months with people pvping, new builds/class comps could arise and be stronger than the current flavor of the month.
You think so? Their teleporting move is so lack luster and does so little damage. That being said, they have to strike you several times before they can use their big offensive spells, I dunno, I guess I'm just not convinced yet, and am afraid of the ranged classes pillar humping in areas.
I am under the impression that the Wizard will easily dominate PvP unless you can change up your skills in combat.
The monks mobility and cc countering abilities should be able to help them beat out the ranged classes.
Well, Barbarian has some very nice skills for PvP as well.

1. Group damage reduction (Ignore Pain - Mob Rule)
2. You are immune to all attacks while in the air (Leap)
3. AoE stun abilities plus TONS of single/cone stun abilities and procs
4. +10% HP to your team or +50 resistance
5. AoE dmg reduction debuff
6. Ancient spear to pick casters and runners
7. Passive magic dmg/CC duration reduction.

The only real monk's advantage is a Mantra of Retribution (60% of dmg reflected)...
But I'm pretty sure this will be nerfed for PvP, otherwise monk will be mandatory for every PvP team, which ruins the balance.
05/13/2012 07:10 AMPosted by Rumbèls
Games not out, pvp won't be with launch, pointless thread...

Then every other thread on these forums is pointless as well considering the game isnt out...

Get of your high horse.

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