Diablo Full Client 100% stuck

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I have an issue. DL rate is currently 0.0, I'm at 100%, 7.60 of 7.60 GB downloaded. No errors on the log ("05/12/12 07:47:05.4528 Found peer on local subnet: Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer peer (, Unknown): received peer from local service discovery 05/12/12 07:47:05.46")The only issue is, it seems, the launcher hasn't recognized that it is done?

it's beeing like that for 1 hour now.
same thing happened to my brother. best bet maybe try closing it and running it again. will try to update you soon

hes been trying to redo it but still same thing. sad:(
heres an update i posted to another topic

so iono what myself and my brohter did, but my by brothers issue is solved. i just told him to delete the folder where when u hit dl the installer-downloader with the bliz icon and it ask you to save somewhere just tell it to save in my documents or something. his issue was that it would be 100% and when he clicked on connection info it wouldnt be finished. but it would be all of 7.6 i just told him to let it sit there and after while he said something popped up and was saying another application was running it and he clciked ok and when he cheked the file he had no .part tags and when he clicked d3 setup he finanlly got the message that the star isnt falling.
his 2ndry logon was on manual, it wasnt turned off. other then that we didnt do anything differnet or hardcore.

just make sure when windows pop up you allow access to certain things. like i think the first time his issue was he denied accesst to battle.net to do something.
when your on 100% try clicking on View > Connection info
when i was looking at by bros comp it was ticking back and forth as if like files were still being added, but it didnt look like anything was happening but ssomeone was going on. then after like 10-15 min he said some window popped up and was saying another file/window or app was using that file and he got to clcik ok or cancel etc. forgot but i just told him to click ok and check the file to see if there was any .part tags and there was none. then i had him click on the installer and we got the the star has not fallen thing.

hopes this helps.

LiLxMe... where did you save the file to?
Thanks a lot, now my issues is kind of weird. I'v succeeded to dowload the full client in Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer.

I have no .part
I can lauch the setup

Here is the issue. (a weird one)
-When pressing on the install button theres almost 50% chance that its says the star has not fallen thing.Wich is normal but.
-Sometimes its bring me to the install directory, where i have to agree with the terms to install the game. I agree then its says : An unexpected decryption error occurred. Please contact Customer Support.''
This is ridiculus, i have the same problem and im stuck at 100%. This is a F**king major !!@#problem!
Same problem here! i have been wating 16 hours since the release to play diablo! and there are 2 !@#$ing problems.
1. the downloader can crash every sec without saying anything
2. the downloader get stuck on 99% or 100% for 1 hour before i delete and start over!

i gonna go sleep soon this is to %^-*t

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