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Lore and Story
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When I saw Leah becoming Diablo I said: "no men, no, everybody but her". Alt + f4 and went to take a shower. That was really depressing because I realize that eventually you will be killing her. I did all act 4 thinking about that, was kind of weird.
And Deckard Cain, the guy was studing for maybe a hundrer years, how is that he didnt know about Leah's heritage.
Everything with Leah was predictable and unsatisfying. The only possible reason I can think of for them to ignore such a crucial character to the rest of the game the way they did is that they want to leave it open-ended and make a decision later...

Honestly, though, it just comes off as cheap. Now, anything you do with her in the expansion feels like a cheap retcon, and leaving her just plain dead just leaves that unresolved feeling there.

We go through a whole quest to resurrect Kulle, we spend an entire StarCraft campaign to uninfest Sarah Kerrigan... really the only way you can forgive not giving her the respect she deserves as a main character at the end is to continue her story, I think, but I can't think of a way to do that that doesn't feel completely cheap.

So, I think Blizzard just completely screwed up the execution here, and I don't think there's a way to properly make up for it.
Does anyone else believe that, no matter what remaining demons or enemies there are, the world of Sanctuary as well as heaven are pretty much set to handle any upcoming challenges?

I mean, your character is one crazy powerful nephalem which happened to not only defeat Diablo at the height of his power, but when he became THE prime evil. Even with the strength of his brothers and the lesser evils you were still able to kick his butt all over the Crystal Arch. We literally destroyed the most powerful being to ever be a threat, and even if the soulstone still exists and the evils are readily available to possess someone else, why would anyone be worried with your insanely badass hero around? He/she could just do it again.
If anyone was paying attention to the seemingly correct leaked blizzard product slate, there were 2 expansions shown for D3.
yup im thinking there will be one but just when today tomorrow next week, next month, next year??? Know what i mean lol could be some time we saw how long it was for D3 to come out
The soul stone wasn't destroyed, no idea what happened to Adria, and "true evil never dies, only time will tell" really leaves a lot of possible expansion ideas.
and diablos essence never was absorved... so abyss again for him?
I think the hardcore Christian types might have something to say if the next Diablo content has to do will taking down a bunch of angels.

I'd be fine with it...it'd make sense based on the current state of the lore, but Blizzard might be weary.
The angels must be absolved of their sin....

40 Seconds into the video, you CLEARLY see the black soulstone disintegrate.

Also, it's very possible that the expansion could take place BEFORE the story of Diablo 3. Think of the Caverns of Time from WoW.
We have a prophecy and i believe it doesnt end with diablo 3

"Death at last shall spread its wings over all"

Refering to malthael going bannnannnnerrrs and you know so i believe he will become a huge threat later in the game possibly the first expansion.

ROFL at bannannnerrrs. Here's to Malthael!
The evils or angels cant ever really die

They just have very very long respawn timers.
05/17/2012 08:03 AMPosted by faelnpaiva
Blizz , Diablo 3 will have an expansions ? A kind of WOW ?

Did you really just compare Diablo 3 to WoW because it'll have expansions?
All three prime evils will probably return, since the protagonists were blatantly negligent with the black soulstone's disposal. Somehow Mephisto, Baal, Andariel, and Duriel all wound up in the black soulstone. Even if that doesn't make any sense, nor do any of the explanations offered on how this is so.
I'm just hoping they bring back the druids in the expansion
Lillith seems like a possibility, since with the seven Evils gone she's about the evilest entity left. Perhaps she'll try to corrupt more humans/nephalem into becoming her army, as was always her intention. With Diablo and company defeated the greatest potential threat would seem to be the growing power of humanity. It would be interesting to encounter Inarius along the way; since the first game's manual described him Inarius has been the most interesting lore character to me.
Ok who here didn't think you would have to fight Mr. Wisdom angel for the longest time (and if your like me CRAVE the urge to kick his !@#). That being said knowing Blizzard I have a feeling this is a HUGE flag saying "next time ladies and gentlemen" let along this guy has a temper the size of an ant, I don't think having a human take his position bode well;
This is kinda far out there but I think he and Adria will use the black soul stone to empower him as he "cleanses" the world using the powers of hell, becoming corrupt in the process.

Speculation aside, what I can't fathom is the possibilities for expansion CLASSES (that's what I look forward to the most) when I heard D3 was coming I was expecting 15+ class but after some bitter disappointment and slapping back to reality, I was content with 5 classes as when asked "what else can be done" and the best we could think of was "pirate"; you realize, an expansion is much more difficult and even more so exciting.
I look forward to eating every thing Diablo 3 has to offer in preparation for what comes after.
I can't believe none of you stayed until the end of the credits. Every game or geeky movie has a teaser for the next in the series at the end. The wall of legal boilerplate makes it obvious who the bad guys in the next expansion will be.

Info on the boss http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Trag'Oul

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