Barb- Best AoE?


Weilding an axe- 10%crit (Weapons Master), 5%crit (Ruthless), 3%crit (Battle Rage), 10%crit (Overpower), 10%crit (Wrath of Berserker), 10%crit (Revenge)

This gives you 18%crit at all times and a chance for 48%crit without any item bonuses.

Cleave- Rupture: Enemies slain by Cleave explode, causing 85% weapon damage to all other enemies within 8 yards.

Battle Rage- Bloodshed: While under the effects of Battle Rage, Critical Hits have a chance to cause an explosion of blood dealing 20% of the damage done to all other nearby enemies.

Wrath of the Berserker- Slaughter: While Wrath of the Berserker is active, Critical Hits have a chance to cause an eruption of blood dealing 155% weapon damage to enemies within 15 yards.

Depending on how Rupture actually works, this could chain effect into killing an entire room with landing one critical hit.
You have 5% crit from base stats, so that would be 23% crit constantly?
05/12/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Hanes
You have 5% crit from base stats, so that would be 23% crit constantly?

I was unaware of base stats adding crit, that imba's this build so much so that I am going to switch to Barbarian from Wizard as starting class (even good for MF using HotA max runed skill)
This looks like a very fun exciting build to play! i've book marked it

definitely gonna test it out thanks.

only think is i worry how much fury you'll be generating with only cleave, as you would be doing alot of damage just generating fury before you actually get to unleash a whirlwind,

maybe swap rupture rune for reaping swing or maybe even swap cleave for bash with instigation and get 12 fury per cast, only one target which is lamo but really you want to be using all your other abilities in a pack anyway.

also I would put WW on right mouse button for easier access (personal preference there though)

really like this build!
A very delicious sounding build indeed. It would be awesome if we are not punished too much by opting for outright Crit/Damage type builds like this. We'll have to wait and see if these types of builds are feasible in hell/inferno.
I read the first half and thought this was gonna be an overpower spam build from the reduced cooldown from crits.

Does sound like a fun idea though. I know the explosion from rupture was brutal on the lower level content on the beta, and could proc from itself. It could very well mean that everything is going to explode a lot when you pop WotB.

You could also throw in rend's bloodbath rune that causes all enemies killed while bleeding to cause all enemies around them to bleed. Then anyone that doesn't die from the explosion will bleed to death / chain the bleeding onto the next pack.

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