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I currently go to a school where the online gaming is blocked. I am wondering what is the best quality vpn i can get where there is little or no lag in game.

Are there any free vpns that will work?

If i decide to pay for a vpn, which one is best?

Thank you for all replies!
wait till u go home to play games man u got your whole life ahead of you concentrate on school work not games

Virtual (fake) Private Network?

Don't you mean a 3rd party internet carrier like Cricket or Verizon, plug in their USB adaptor, link up with their network and go? @$50 a month.

Google it...

I doubt you are going to find actual free WiFi for online gaming, but good luck.
Do you live in a dorm or something, or do you come from home? Depending on this answer, you can easily provide a "VPN" for yourself.
He's on a college campus that blocks....
I am betting he posted about this here before as well and didn't like the answers.
That still doesn't change the answers. 8)
He's trying to work around his college campus firewall policies that are blocking his games. Wi-Fi is a horrible idea - expensive, slow, and often unreliable. Especially when you're sitting on a campus T3.

You can try a trial at and edit: Don't think Steam offers it, misread and addy I saw earlier - people just using VPN to use Steam. I'm pretty sure everyone charges. The gamer-specific VPN offerings will have more VPN server choices with lower latency (as opposed to say business VPN offerings) A simple Google will show you what else is out there. Good luck.
Assuming you don't live in a dorm, check this guide I found for someone that wanted to bypass the block in the campus:

That said, be warned that if your college IT admins actually detect / check any 'non-standard' connections, they may take action against you

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