A build centered around Summoning

Witch Doctor
I want to make a summoning WD and have him flood the screen with zombies, toads, and locusts. How is this?

the spirit is the only difference, because as i see it locusts arent really a summon.
This is how im going I know this is a very gear driven char. This is up for change as I am going on poison dart and splinters just on what I saw in beta. I also need to mention that I have a preplanned group that I will be playing with.

This is mine, going with the spider queen instead of toad, I think. I kind of like the idea of the spiders. I won't know for sure until I get to play around with everything as I am leveling. But on paper this looks like a fun build.

This looks to be my build. Being a lazy hunter in my WoW days, this is welcomed!


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