Installer Stuck at 41% - Insert CD?

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I predownloaded this a while ago and couldn't complete the download for obvious reasons. I've just gone to try and set it up this morning, and the installer is stopping at 41% and asking me to insert cd (which I don't have as it's a digital download)? I've downloaded the client again and pointed it to the folder required, and it seems to have started the download from scratch again (trying to avoid this). How do I complete this download?
You'd have to re-download a 3.7GB file and it may not work.
Ok just tried to install again and I'm getting the 108 error on installer tome 3..
Wish we had some answers on this...
Just re-download the installer tome 3.
Your Installer Tome 3.MPQE is corrupted. To fix the issue you'd have to delete the file and run the downloader again but the same might happen again.

If you're able to download at a decent speed you should download the new installer from and use that instead.
All good. Just downloaded what was needed n good to go now. Waiting impatiently to log in haha

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