Downloading randomly stops

Technical Support
I had this problem and did these things and it stopped disappearing:

1.) Port forwarded Diablo 3 (80,1119,6881-6999 for both TCP and UDP)

2.) Closed LOL Recorder and PC Tools Anti-Virus

3.) Restarted my Router

And poof! It works now... Don't know which of those elements are the key factors, I know a friend had PC Tools running while installing and didn't have this issue, but definitely look into restarting your router and making sure LOL Recorder is not running.
Hello. please give a fast reply on this one...!

I was starting downloading for like 15 hours. Now im at 100 % and it jams.!

what shall i do ?!
My download stopped at 100 % after waiting 14 hours of downloading.!

Now when i start it over agian, it started downloading completly from the start agian..!

What shall i do!

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