Thoughts on my NM>Inferno build?


Mainly focusing on group play w/ 1h MW + Shield.

Thought process behind the build is using Charge+Leap+Stomp+War Cry to build fury quickly, then go right into WW. Rinse and repeat. I'm hoping the timing works out well, with Charge+Leap+Stomp being ready as soon as I use up my fury with WW. The other option would be Cleave(Reaping Swing) for AE + HotA(Smash) for Single Target.

Not going to be the best DPS build, but I'm hoping the extra mobility/armor/stuns will be more useful overall for avoiding damage, and getting to the next group of enemies faster, which should increase DPS over time.

Light on self healing as well, but hopefully my group/Templar/health globes + extra armor from Leap+War Cry+TaN can help keep me alive. May swap in Pound of Flesh for Relentless if health is an issue.

Hoping that this build can also scale to higher difficulties as well w/ some of the higher level runes, WW(Volcanic Eruption), Leap(Death from Above), Charge(Dreadnought), War Cry(Impunity)

Thoughts or changes?

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