I've downloaded the game.....now what?

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I have downloaded the game after several attempts (I believe). I left it downloading over night and came back to this folder on my desk top

Diablo III setup.app
Diablo III Setup
Installer Tome.1.MPQE.part
Installer Tome.2.MPQE.part
Installer Tome.3.MPQE.part

Can anyone confirm that it's installed correctly, and if so,what do I click tonight at midnight to make this work?

If it isn't done correctly, I'd also appreciate your input.


Diablo III Setup
And prepare to wait. You are still 7.6GB away from getting the launcher up.
Check the folder, and double click on Diablo III setup... should let you install now.
if you have .part files, that means it has not finished downloading the installer yet.

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