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battlenet agent stops working at 90% of "UPdating Setup Files".....

I have deleted the battlenet folder and restarted the setup.

I have checked secondary logon enable

I have checked internet options

I have Disabled all firewalls and antiviruses

I have tried running Agent before opening the diablo iii setup

Help!?! release is tonight and i already purchased the digital copy of the game.. :(
I had many issues with the agent.exe file not running, I had my Antivirus turned off, deleted folders, tried running agent from on.

But i was able to get it working by stop these processes within Win7 x64

Windows Security center service (not antivirus..was weird why it had made the agent.exe stop)
Firebird email service (part of the mozilla family, never had issue with any DL or launcher before)

I was kinda shocked that turning those services off made it work, hopefully it helps you.
no turning the security stuff off doesnt help.

nothing seems to help... i assume its some kind of other process running or win 7 64 bit...i dunno i gave up...
I had a similar issue trying to install Diablo III / Battlenet on my Win 8 Laptop . heard a few solutions which didn't work for me even thought hooking up to a wired internet connection might work but wasn't it . I use Comodo and Kaspersky Internet security suites and never had problems with them but sometimes Spybot S&D has held back things so I uninstalled Spybot S&D as well as undoing the immunizing then restarted . i now have no problems installing . I did not have this problem with my main computer with all said programs but i also heard battlenet had a recent update this could have caused a conflict , who knows. but this worked for me and as always i will reinstall Spybot S&D. i don't mind trial and error solutions . hope this helps someone

Thanks for providing such helpful information. For future reference, please check the date of the threads you post in. The last two threads you posted in are a few months old, so the OP will most likely not be replying.

Locking this thread to prevent more resurrections.
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