cant install D3

Technical Support
Ok sio twice ive tried to download the gamer and twice its failed. the first time it didnt want to launch the launcher to start the actual download. And the this time i got to bout 4gb downloaded and it just stop with no error message or nothing. can someone help me out plz i wanna get this downlaoded :(
I would have been -very- upset if I found out the 7 gigs I downloaded already were worthless, when midnight came around. I have friends to play with dangit. I hope this thing gets fixed. My connection is so slow.. it will take me 2 days to download this again. Why offer a pre-download if it doesn't work? This is kind of Embarrassing Blizzard, your D3 team seems to be slacking.
i agree whit you gothian ... they lauch a game and they are not ready never saw such many problems whit instal and patching from a game ... im realy disapointed about blizzard ... i thougt they woulda care way more then this ... Slacking team is the word

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