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GAAH! Why can't I install it? I got the play DVD and have been trying all morning/day to make it work! Been doing all of the things you guys recommend in this forum. I tried to install it on my sisters computer, without problem, but can't play it on that computer 'cause of crappy graphic card. Wierd. What kind of settings is different on this computer, can't figure it out!!! I'm going crazy
Now it's error. win7 64bit can not run C:\ProgramData\\Agent\Agent.954\Agent.exe
, pls hurry up BLIZZARD!!
it will not let me delete the folder.....
it will not let me delete the folder.....
One point to make here..

I have 2 computers and 2 accounts one for me and one for the wife. Instead of downloading this twice I figured I would download the installer and copy it to my external so I can install it on the wifes computer.

I received the same errors everyone else was having until I copied the setup files to her computer.

Once I did that everything went smooth.

So anyone trying to install from an external, try copying it over to the local hard drive and give it a shot.
mine stops about half way during updating set up files WTF!!!

is anybody else stop just right there???

also tried downloading from a disk but the disk wont load nothing comes up

please help....
I ended up looking into task manager. the problem is that I needed to reload adobe flash, resynch my clock (through your clock and syc at than kill all of the processes of the agent. It was trying to run it in 30 bit instead of the 64 that I run my windows on. after doing all of this i got everything working. also clear your temp inet files and download log.
i have tried everything on this forum and i mean everything and noting seems to b having the same problems as everyone else and im gettin very frustrated.blizzard needs a solution for this asap.i been trying to fix this problem for the past 3 hours. im runnin 64 bit windows vista nd meet all the system requirements nd updated video card.i cant seem to figure out whats goin on here.any help would b greatly appreciated
Wish I had seen this thread before figuring this out on my own (would have saved me some time, oh well). For me at least, just deleting C:\ProgramData\\Agent\Agent.954\Agent.exe. worked. After deleting the file and starting the installer again, it created a new Agent file. Judging by the size, the old one wasn't complete/was corrupt.
Did everything that everyone has suggested and even called blizzard support line and even they could not help me to resolve this issue...

What a joke
pre-download release version will not alow me to install game even after deleting as it crashes agent.exe...

I can't even get a full install.

Had the same issue with patching SC2 online download. However, did not have the issue with the disc version...
To summarize possible solutions to BLZPTS00007:

0. Restart / Redownload / Run setup in a minute or two per error message (rolls eyes)
1. Run DIII Setup as Administrator and disable firewalls and anti-virus.
2. Delete C:\ProgramData\ and rerun DIII Setup
3. Make sure Internet Explorer is not in WorkOffline mode
4. Create new Windows user with Admin privileges and run setup there (possible overlap)
5. Run services.msc and make sure the Secondary Logon service starts automatically
6. End Agent.exe in task manager while the update is running
7. Run the setup file in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode
8. Run Regedit, go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution" and delete Agent.exe folder if it exists.

Nothing so far works for me on Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit.
Tried everything in this Forum and still it will not work. I try and run agent.exe manually and it errors out every time. How can I keep it running?
easy fix is to go to the program data folder and manually launch the latest version of agent in there. but this is very annoying to do before every time i want to play diablo 3.
Yeah this is getting very annoying. Same problem as most of you above and I have tried to troubleshooot it the same by disabling firewalls and antivirus. Deleiting battlenet folders. Task Manager and all that crap.
This happened with WoW also but I kept hitting launch and it eventually installed updates at bits at a time. With D3 its showing errors every 10 seconds almost (Agent [build 954]). I mean cmon Blizz with so many having this problem has to be a big flaw on your end.
I'm not a computer tech and I just want to pay my $60 (which is alot money for game) download from and play the damn game!!!
bump this issue needs to be higher prioritized and addressed by blizzard rather than spending time fixing achievements they should be helping those who CAN'T EVEN INSTALL THE GAME... simply amazing
Goodluck with that.
Somehow, someway I was around 47% download then crashed. Again did all that was suppose to be done deleting folder in program data, restarted computer and NOW I can't even get past 25% download and keep gettin Error message with Agent.

So Frustrating.
Not sure what worked but i got it to install.
changed the work offline ie settings or the ending the 6 agents that were running lol.

also i found a file in c/windows/prefetch called Diablo blahblah.blah. i renamed that and it made a new one i guess?, then it installed. hope this is the right forum im soo tired.

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