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I would highly recommend the Radeon hd 6850, selling for around $130. I played the beta (Gameplay subject to change, of course) and it was absolutely a masterpiece. It played smooth, and the graphics card could handle it.

My setup is as follows

Asrock Gen3 extreme LGA 1155 Motherboard
Radeon hd 6850 1gb Graphics card
Corsair 600W Power supply
i3- 2120k 1155 socket type Processor
Cooler master HAF 912 case (Awesome case)
8gb Corsair vengeance RAM (very nice looking)
Windows 7 64-bit. (of course, a bit pricey)
500gb HD (another one of those Over-priced things)

I believe that wraps it up!! If you have any questions, let me know.
A 6870 is much better value. A small step up in price but big jump in performance. The 6870 is the best price:performance cards in its range.
Recommending a graphics card is not as easy as saying you have this one and is is good.

While it is good, you have to realize that many people have cheap OEM computers that have 300w PSU's or worse.

"Minimum 450W or greater system power supply" recommended for the 6850 please make sure you check your PSU befor you buy a new video card.

They have to be able to power the new video card and cool it.
The new Radeon 7770 is a simple upgraders special at that price point, need enough power for ONE 6 prong PCI-e adaptor, (surely comes with that) and obviously if current card uses one, you would be fine, rumors are a typical 450watt Power supply would suffice.

7750 requires no PCI-e connectors... so can work on even lower PSUs.

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