Anyone else preorder the CE from EB?

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Hey guys!

How many of us have preordered from EB? I only ask because my credit card was finally charged the remaining amount (EB only charge a $50 deposit when you preorder and take the remaining when the item ships) on Friday and I am a little concerned. I am yet to receive a confirmation email from them stating that it has shipped, or even an acknowledgement that the order was completed. Anyone else having this issue with EB preorders at all?
I preordered from EB.

I emailed them about my preorder and they say it is still listed. No shipping email yet because I chose instore pickup instead of delivery.
I think people posted in the other thread that they had been charged with no confirmation email but there was tracking under the EB site account? Can't say for sure as I ordered in store but maybe check there.
Same boat here mate, I ordered from EB have been charged but no shipping info yet, going to go post on their FB and see whats up.
EB rang me yesterday to say my CE has arrived and will be ready to collect at 9am Tuesday! She also said it had to be collected within 48 hours, or they would cease holding it....yeah...I really don't think that will be a problem. :D
I ordered the CE from EB. They charged my card on Friday, but I haven't received a shipping confirmation or anything.
I'm going to give them a call soon and see what's up, will keep you updated on what they have to say.
I asked on FB and got told to call, called up and they said its in a 'packing process' and that I will receive it before servers are up tomorrow.

Kind of annoying since I wanted to install tonight, just hope it does actually arrive by server up.
I'm still awaiting confirmation / tracking from EB too.
No word on dispatch from JB-hifi either

If you want to install / download prior I'd suggest the link below, has all Mac and Windows link for all regions.
That'd be good, Kal. Cheers.
pre ordered from EB in OCT, holding my CE in my other hand as i type this old-man-typing style.(one finger, one hand).
Eb sms me this afternoon saying that it opens at 8am to do the count down for CE and collect it at 9am :)
i pre-orded from Eb and got my copy the smorning around 9am
I ordered from EB and I got it this morning like 12 hours ago. In Perth here.

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