Barb's best single target skill?

I would imagine that there are going to be some pretty tough bosses in D3. Just like D2. But this time we are going to be locked in a room with them. I have seen quite a few builds that do not contain Bash. And some that are relying on skills with 120 second cd's for single target.

If you are planning a Barb, what is going to be your go to single target skill? When you face bosses with a metric ton of hp's, and he has no minions, what are your plans? ( Running around the room screaming is really not an option. )

Starting to freak out as the hours wind down. I want to feel more confident in the single target effectiveness of my build.
Im going with Hammer of the Ancients. I know its a spender but will generate with Bash. This is a safe method for single target.

BTW, this release is starting to freak me out too. I remember when Pink Floyd came to town after a 15 year break of touring the states. We stayed up for two days straight camping out for tickets. But, when the final hours before leaving for the show I had a true feeling that greatness was ahead of me...just like I feel right now.
As of now Bash lol.!dYb!bcaYaa
Kinda tanky build but has decent CC, and single target. Emphasis on armor buffs. Tried to make it as well rounded as possible, don't know what you're build is trying to achieve though... hope this helps.
Hammer of the ancients with Smash seems to be our most fury efficient single target (that doesn't have a long cooldown).

For inferno bosses I'd note that you'll probably want a decent anti-damage/self heal (ignore pain+ignorance is bliss seems best to me), and one of the armor talents. If the lost vikings can gain aggro too, they might be worth it as a "run away while they distract him" thing for cooldowns to come back up.
Assuming might weapons and weapon master:

Bash with onslaught dumping into Hota with Smash is better single target on anything that lasts <16ish seconds, but after that Frenzy with maniac dumping with Hota Smash overtakes it and does slightly more damage.

This only takes into account those moves, and not other things like maniac affecting overpower/revenge or WotB uptime with bash onslaught fury generation.
I would imagine Hammer of the Ancients will be the best single-target Fury-dumping skill.
05/13/2012 09:28 PMPosted by Mashanu
I would imagine Hammer of the Ancients will be the best single-target Fury-dumping skill.

Would you like to explain why you think that?
05/13/2012 09:39 PMPosted by HoosierDaddy
Would you like to explain why you think that?

270% weapon damage in the speed of one weapon swing at a relatively low fury cost?

Only things that really stand out damage wise are:

  • Earthquake at 2000% over 8 seconds with a 105 second cooldown runed
  • Dread bomb at 120% + 3% per fury, which could actually be awesome with lots of +fury gen/max fury mods on your gear
  • 2H Frenzy - Maniac / Weapon throw - Dread bomb.
    Seismic Slam has the potential to be a strong single target ability if you use the Cracking Rift rune. 255% weapon damage in a straight line ahead of you. A bit more fury then Hammer of the ancients and not quite as much damge either if you're using the Smash rune, but you get the added benifit of extra range to the attack.

    If you have a build with lots of fury generators ( like many of mine tend to ) then the extra fury cost shouldn't matter much - also the damage is only SLIGHTLY less then Hammer of the Ancients... so yeah
    2H Frenzy
    Duel wielding Bash with the stun rune seems like it could be pretty damn brutal. Especially once you throw Wrath of the Berserker into it.
    Wow some of you guys are right on the MONEY!
    I read the official strategy guide at it stats that recommended skills on most bosses are BASH and HAMMER of ancients, sprint ancient spear, call of ancients etc.. Regardless everyone has diff play styles so it will be fun to play around with all skills an see what performs the best, no doubt inferno will be crazy Times a million there Hp is in the millions

    Azmodan stats are LV 28 with 48,000 life...inferno is LV 63 and 38million HP

    Diablo is LV 30 With 127,000 life so obviously he would be the hardest to kill
    Inferno LV 63 with an amazing 67,499 million HP. WTF lol
    It's truely going to be Epic killing diablo in INFERNO
    I haven't read it anywhere but will we be able to have different builds like a DPS build, a Tank type build, etc...?
    Quaymar: It doesn't work that way. What happens is you're able to switch in and out of every one of your skills at any time.

    There is a buff that encourages you not to switch all the time once you hit 60, (Nephalam Valor? Something like that), but you're able to still switch any time.

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