No option to select a drive install.

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Having the install options on the licence agreement page and not the install page? How logical to have the most important option on the page virtually everyone just skips over. And you have to restart your computer to get to the licence agreement page again? Well, that didn't work for me. It now goes directly to the install page (I've restarted the computer and have no diablo.temp in my programs x86 folder) And on my laptop the license agreement page didn't even appear.
Just brilliant.

Edit: It did work after all, I did get to the licence page. My point still stands.
It's strange that a company known for it's polished products have such an unintuitive installer.
Thanks for the quick help!
ps. for anyone actually wondering you have to change the drive letter. Blizzard won't let you install to the A: or B: drives for whatever reason. I guess they assume some of us still use floppy disks! =p

guess it was blizzard

Thanks for that cause I have my other drive assigned to B: where I wanted to install it and I was about to go nuts getting the same message that I have to choose a different folder. :D
05/16/2012 02:40 PMPosted by SoN9ne
First, it is on the page with the license agreement (directly above the agreement, hardly noticeable.)

Thanks for explicitly identifying where and how to change the install dive. Much better info than the more common "you can change it" . Again thank you!
You know what's sad? This is STILL an issue and Blizzard has stopped accepting tickets for it.
It also causes problems with Starcraft 2 (which now uses the same installer as D3), which forced me to reinstall SC2 completely on another drive, because the patcher runs into the same problem with the A: and B: drives as the D3 installer does.

Blizzard, please remove the legacy code. None of us have floppy drives any more, not that they would have to be on A: or B: anyway.
it's there, it's easily missed. it's right above the "Scroll to Agree to the Agreement"
Hello everyone, I would just like to provide a solution for this issue.
The directory I want to install Diablo to is A:\Games\Diablo 3\

Step 1:
Start menu -> type "format disc" without the quotes, and click on "create and format dis partitions"

Step 2:
Right click on drive A:\ and click on "Change drive letter and paths"

Step 3:
Select "Add"

Step 4:
Select "Browse" and navigate to C:\

Step 5:
I am putting my link in the directory C:\Games Link\, so select that folder and click okay.

Step 6:
Click okay to get out of those windows, and close the Disk Management window.

Step 7: Install Diablo 3 to C:\Games Link\Games

Diablo is now installing to A:\Games\Diablo 3\ through the link we just made.
Yep - had to restart and was able to install it to the drive I chose...
1) just install it anywhere first. eg: c:\program files\diablo III

2) thereafter, delete the shortcut to the launcher on your desktop

3) move the diablo III folder from c:\program files to eg: d: , so the path is d:\diablo III

4) create a shortcut to the launcher on your desktop pointing to d:\diablo III\Diablo III Launcher.exe

you can also use junction links then you don't have to touch the shortcut (step 2) (but thats unnecessarily complicated).
it is sneaky to put the path above license agreement, so you only focus on the license agreement
Did they seriously program an installer that won't let you select a location based on driver letter name? And not some more advanced piece of information from the system that would indicate drive type, hardware type, or available drive space?

What is this, 1982 programming?
Wow some who actually helped in a forum. Thanks a bunch. Amazing what specific instructions can do to actually help people out.
Same problem. I DO NOT want it on my SSD drive
08/27/2013 01:33 AMPosted by GrumpyKitten
Same problem. I DO NOT want it on my SSD drive

then change the path?

this thread is over a year old and many things have changed.
personally, i suggest you download the new game client on your account page. the new installer i clearly remember asking me where to put the game.
It is not very noticeable or is it clearly visible :)

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