Diablo 3 Eu version in America?

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A friend of mine finished downloading and installing diablo 3 through a alternate download source since he just absolutely could not get blizzard downloaded to bypass a firewall. This diablo3 seems to be from the Eu version however , since website links from the launcher to to eu. Battle. Net, and the note talks about servers going up in cest time. He can log in with his American account , though it says servers down of course.

Will the game register as an American version when the servers come up? Please do help him, he is really worried he might have to redone load everything.
Bumping because blizzard telephone lines are down. Should be reasonable.
The game is currently "Region Locked," until it releases in all time-zones.

So yes, once they lift the region lock.
I apologize, I'm either misunderstanding what you're saying, or I'm not sure if you know what I'm referring to, if you could elaborate.
My friend is worried specifically that when all regions are unlocked, he will be connecting to the EU server because currently all launcher links send him to eu. Battle.net rather than US, because he used an alternate blizzard downloaded. His account is US only and wants it to be that way.

If you still meant he can play on the us server when it comes up, im sorry I didn't understand, please confirm.
Bumping because customer service lines are down
If you go in to options there is 3 regions to choose from: North Americas, Asia, and Europe. Just make sure he's connecting to North America.
Great thanks
Where are the options just to be sure? In the diablo 3 launcher? In diablo3 itself? Or somewhere else
In the login screen its in the bottom left I believe.
I also can't get my blizzard downloader to work could you tell me where your friend downloaded his game?

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