Barbarian/Monk Combo - Recipe for Success!

I believe the Barbarian / Monk combo will be the recipe for success into Inferno!



With these two classes combined and the way boss scaling works in D3 with multiple players I believe this duo will be the best there is. No more, no less.

The name of the game will be to mitigate/absorb/dodge as much dmg as possible. I believe DPS will be somewhat of a second thought. Stay alive and whittle things down.

Debuffs to Mobs
-20% dmg
-25% dmg (2.5s after monk hits mob)
-5% attack speed (up 1/3 of the time)
-20% attack speed (3s after monk hits mob)
-20% dmg (3s after hit by crippling wave)
+12% dmg taken (mantra)
+12% dmg taken (3s after exploding palm - 40spirit cost, not great uptime)

Buffs to BOTH characters
+20% armor
+15% dodge
-10% dmg taken

-100% dmg taken (3s for monk, 2s for barb - 20s cd)
-65% dmg taken (5s - 30s cd)
-35% dmg taken (5s - 20s cd)
60% chance to miss by elites (3s - 15s cd)

Each player added to the party in Inferno mode will increase the mobs health by 110%. This isn't the big deal. Each player added will also increase the damage done by 15%. That is the problem, and why I have chosen to run with just 2 players. With 2, enemies will hit for 15% more damage. If I add 2 more not only can I not get even close to the amount of benefits these two guys bring, but they will be hitting for a whopping 45% more dmg.

Normal - 75% Health; 0% XP; 0% Damage
Nightmare - 85% Health; 0% XP; 5% Damage
Hell - 95% Health; 0% XP; 10% Damage
Inferno - 110% Health; 0% XP; 15% Damage

Ideas, thoughts?
Wow great info sounds good, I read the strategy guide at it stats that recommended skills on most bosses are bash, hammer of ancients, sprint ancient spear, call of ancients etc.. Regardless everyone has diff play styles so it will be fun to play around with all skills an see what performs the best, no doubt inferno will be crazy Times a million there Hp is in the millions

Azmodan stats are LV 28 with 48,000 life...inferno is LV 63 and 38million HP

Diablo is LV 30 With 127,000 life so obviously he would be the hardest to kill
Inferno LV 63 with an amazing 67,499 million HP. WTF lol
It's truely going to be Epic killing diablo in INFERNO

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