WHy IS It Downloading SO SLOW!!!!

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keep in mid that ur max connection depends on ur isp plan
- From there go to "Connections".
- Then click on "LAN Settings".
- UNCHECK "Automatically Detect Settings".

Thank you! Worked like a charm!
I was having the exact same problem. I unchecked the "Detect Automatic Settings" as stated above......

...Voila...that worked.

Thanks guys!
learn something something about p2p before calling people idiots.. p2p works on others sharing the data as they are downloading it. WHICH MEANS! the more people download/seed THE FASTER THE DOWNLOAD! waiting till the day of should make it faster..
WOW, I've been waiting all day for downloading. and after doing JUST what u said, the speed is 10x faster, THANKS / unchecked automatic settings/ LAN in Windows Vista : ) /
Thanks a lot. You made my day.
I am having a problem downloading this and I have the actual cd in hand..I don't know anything about computers but I have a brand new computer that is supposed to be super fast, I don't know why it's downloading so slow..it's been hours and it is only at 8%. what do I do?
Like I said its from a cd not downloading online
Found a post on this last night, didn't have this problem myself but this might help you.

For windows 7, go to control panel -> network and internet -> internet options -> connections -> LAN settings -> uncheck automatically detect settings.

Apparently worked for a lot of people with snail download speeds.

this has worked for me
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