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Just deleted the mpq files worked for me.
Can this game get any better.
This seems to be the fix some of us determined it from this thread.

Error: The file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Updates\d3-0-9558-Win-final.MPQ" appears to be corrupt. You may need to download this file again.


1. Deleted the MPQ file.
2. Downloaded the new game client (30mbs).
3. Ran the new game client (30mbs) as administer.

This really helped !Thanks a lot mate!!
i deleted all the files on the folder '' update '' and it was the only way to fix it ... just started the game as admin on diablo3.exe and bam downloaded the files and i was able to play again :D
thanks hopefully after redownloading game it will work
If I re-download the game do I lose the work I put in BEFORE re-downloading?

Sorry if that's a stupid question, not a major gamer and have never had issues with Diablo releases before
I had 3 "d3-0-XXXX-Win-final.MPQ" files that needed to be deleted, then it worked.
- 1 from last month, and 2 from today.

Thanks for the clues.
Worked for me tonight. I had three MPQ files in there. I referenced the dates, deleted the newest one and tried launcher again.

I had to delete all of them, ran the program a final time. Updated great...

Thanks to all for posting. :)
Hi all i am gettting the 9950 Update fail? any help?
4. Delete the MPQ file
5. Run C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III Launcher.exe (as admin

Worked, thumbed up your post. Thanks a lot.
Run C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III Launcher.exe (right click run as Admin)
Thanks for the quick fix.
The link didnt help ANYTHING. I think the update is actually corrupt. Imma sue. -_-
same exact thing just happened to me, the entire game is now downloading. I am so angry I think I will be not playing Blizzard game any longer. There is no excuse for this kind of crap on a stupid little patch.
yep just uninstalled D3 happy life all

1. Make sure your deleting the right MPQ. File.
2. The one with (9558) and NOT (9550)
3. Just incase, clear your trash bin of all deleted MPQ files.
4. just Follow Barthus' fix.
I'm running windows 7 it kept saying it was corrupt after I deleted it (4 tries):
I had to delete the file, then right-click the start-up and "Run as administrator", that fixed it for me.
Thanks for the help!
Didn't work for me just send me an error saying "Can't launch critical file"

With so many reposts about this same issue THIS POST WITH A SOLUTION SHOULD BE STICKIED IMMEDIATELY to keep the tech support forums a bit more clean and open for other issues to be posted and not buried.
05/14/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Barthus
Just happened to me. Deleted the mpq file, ran the launcher and it worked first time. Thanks for the info guys.

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