Pre-order key confusion.

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I pre-ordered the game and was just a little confused as to where my key will arrive to me. I figure through email, but somebody please let me know if I'm wrong.
thank you very much.
You can use your battletag or log in info at lets say a friends computer aswell correct? Or at a gaming cafe?
As long as you have a game attached to your account, you should be able to log in and play.

Go to:

Under "My Game Accounts" you should have Diablo 3. Click on it.

Under "ACCOUNT STATUS", it should say "ACTIVE". If so, you are good to go, and already activated.

The installer simply asks you to activate if you haven't already. So you can tell it you are activated, and it will proceed normally.

You can use this to confirm 100% that you are ready and activated.
Yeah I did the digital pre-sale, tried to logon to euro servers and says no key, is there something I'm missing
ty much

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