Have requirements changed from Beta->Release?

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I had no issues running the D3 beta, but after installing this morning, get a message that says my video card is not supported. It's not on the list of non-supported cards, but I was presented with a warning of "stability issues" when first loading up the beta.

I'm just curious if anyone else has had a similar issue and/or if it's even a real issue.

My friend loaded up the game after installing and watch through the opening video just fine. This is majorly troubling...thoughts?
Check this thread out, should help you:

if that doesn't work then try the Esc trick someone figured out. Press Esc when it tells you your video card is out of date.
Thanks a lot Tiakatt

Turns out it is a common issue. Hehe, panic is never a good thing. Anyways, it was as simple as hitting the Esc key.

If anyone else has this issue, try that first and try downloading the hotfix listed in the other thread when that fails.
is there any way around not having the minimum required specifications? i played in the beta just fine..

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