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Demon Hunter
Hi all. Could someone please help me understand how Bait the Trap works? If I am standing in the trap to get 10% bonus, won't the mobs be right on top of me? Doesn't seem like it will work if I'm trying to slow the mobs to keep them away from me.
That's why you put the trap down and shoot at them until they get to you, then move away.
Lay down multiple traps
Does the trap have to be sprung to give you the effect?
The trap does not need to be sprung. You get the 10% crit even if it's not triggered. REALLY nice.
Hi there,

necroposting this but here is my question, if anyone mind answering it :

Bait the trap + Ele arrow/ball lightning with the quiver making it slower :

If I get out of the trap, does my Ele arrow - ball lightning still "benefits" from the 10% cc or not ?

Hope someone can help,

IIRC crit chance is calculated on_hit

it is not snapshot on_spawn

its not snapshotted
Thanks for answering

Makes not that much sense compared to the recent wyatt post...

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