Wizard LF Barbarian Duo Team of Awesomeness

Hello there, Wizard here. I am looking for a Barbarian friend to dominate with. My playstyle is simply efficiency. On Normal mode, I want to stay immersed in the story (so no talking during dialogues/cinematics please!), and I want to level efficiently. This most likely means not clearing every single room, but maybe seeking out hidden dungeons from time to time. On Nightmare, Hell and Inferno, I just want to have fun clearing, efficiently! This means being able to learn and adapt to different situations very quickly.

What am I looking for in a Leveling Buddy?
I am looking for someone with a playstyle similar to mine. Someone with a quick mind, quick reflexes and can learn the ins and outs of their Barbarian with ease. More importantly, I am looking for someone who can talk on Skype and has a pretty chill personality. Even more importantly... well, kinda... you will need to be someone who plans to play quite excessively, at least during the first few weeks. I won't be doing 48 hour marathons or anything like that, but I will be spending most of my conscious time inside the D3 universe.

So that is what I am looking for in a partner. Also, being into PvP is a huge plus, as I plan to become heavily invested in PvP after finishing Inferno. I'd like to keep it just the two of us, because of the mob scaling mechanic. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and it's a lot tougher to find a complete group of players who are equally skilled and have compatible schedules. So that's my reasoning behind that. Alright, I think this post is long enough!

Reply here if you're interested, and thanks for reading :)
ill be either a barb or a dh and ill be playing on release date so if u want add me
Still looking :)
Yes absolutely I would like to be included in this as much as possible. I already had your battletag written down along with a few other people that I had seen from posts on the forum. You are the one who had made a post for Oregon / Portland / NorthWest people shoutouts right? I noticed that because I live in Portland also!

I am going to be playing a Barbarbian exclusively and I have a fair amount of RPG experience. I have not played a lot of D2 but I played the original Diablo and I have done my homework on D3. I am somewhat familiar with the Wizard and have become very familiar with the Barbarian. I did not play the D3 beta but I have a good amoung of RPG and general gaming experience as well as online multiplayer.

You and I seem pretty similar as far as goals and preferences, my only limitation is that I cannot spend as much time in the game as I would like to because I do have a 1 year old son that I take care of along with my gf who lives with me. She understands that I am focused on playing D3 especially for the first several weeks.

I played a game called SWTOR almost non stop for a month when it first came out and I was able to get a lot of quality gaming time in and still be able to take care the household. I still play excessively compared to the average gamer, just not as much as I would due to having important real life stuff. For example on the 24th my sons birthday party is in the afternoon so I will only be on in the morning and the evening that day.

I can see you took the time to make a well thought out post and are serious about wanting to have a shared gaming experience that is mutually beneficial. I am committed to playing the Barbarian and am very into PvP. My battletag is Deathtrap#1898
Awesome! Yeah, I was the one who made the Pacific NW post. That's really cool that you live in Portland also. I'll note your battletag down. Will you be playing at midnight when the servers go live and are you able to use Skype? :)
Yes I have experience with Ventrilo and Teamspeak and I am able to install and use Skype, which is no problem. I had not decided yet if I wanted to try to start at midnight or in the morning. Are you going to start at midnight? I could even start at midnight and go all night and all day.
Yeah, I had planned to start at midnight and play till Tuesday night, crash, then wake up at a reasonable hour on Wednesday. Might be difficult because I have to wake up early Monday morning to hit the DMV (ugh), but pretty sure I can pull through. Also Guild Wars 2 stress test beta is 11am-6pm on Monday. It's going to be a busy day!.. but would you be down for starting at midnight?
oh yeah totally in fact i am going to stay up late night tonight and sleep in + nap tomorrow in preparation. I will see you at launch for sure. and good luck with that dmv crap :)
Lol, good deal and thanks. Maybe I'll try to sneak in a quick nap too.
Add me to Skype, username: ED.Natural

Oh, and I forgot to mention I'll be picking the disc up at midnight.
The gamestop is right next to me so it shouldn't take long.

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