Installing - Unable to Initalize Streaming?

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same problem bro .
same. blizzard. do something? mmmmk thanks everyone reply to this! Regarding Compensation!
well at least i pre purchased the's sure paying off a ton now.......
The solution in this thread might be helpful to some of you. (Not the ones who were experiencing the issue in the morning, obviously) (P2P Work Around Need Help!!)

You're a godsend. I forgot about having to do this back in the old days with every WoW patch. Installing and dancing around my room to Tristram music. =D
damm 5hrs it took me like 30mins
hope this works
Add the installer to the firewall exceptions.
ok.... ive tired everything and nothing worked.... then i tried again..!

i ran the Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer-downloader and selected the default folder
then i found that folder for me it was


i found the Diablo III Setup file and clicked it accepted the tos
and BAM instant 1% no hang up

try it and let me know if it works for you also
i cant download it. says check internet conection? weird
I was having the same problem. I simply re-downloaded install file from and it worked instantly.
My Comp wont install because it is a Vista OS had to install it on my wife's Computer Windows 7
does anybody else got server under maintenance or its just me?

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