Can't change install directory location SSD

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I'm trying to install the game into my new SSD(128gb), but whenever I try, it says, "The folder you selected cannot be used. Please select a different folder.

My OS is installed on my 64GB SSD but it is currently out of space, is this the problem?
It doesn't have a weird directory letter like A: right?

edit: If it's completely completely out of space I could see it having an issue creating something in your 'my documents' section possibly.. but you should always have at least a couple gigs free on your main hd anyways
A: and B: are usually floppy disk drive letters, somebody else was having the same issue. It won't let you install to that.

You can either download it onto another hd and copy/paste it in there, or if it's new it might be worth reformatting the new ssd and changing the letter anyways. Anything C: or higher is usually good :)

The Diablo III installer can't use drive letters A or B. You'll need to change the drive letter of your secondary SSD.

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Yes, you being out of space on C: is definitely a problem, clear off a least a gig.
well that is... Frustrating. Also posting this for people.

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