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As I post this, there's 2 days, 19 hours, 9 mins, and 40 secs until go live.

I seriously can't wait. I haven't been this pumped for a game since Mass Effect 3...OH WHY BIOWARE WHY.

Haven't ever been this pumped for a game.

Actually, I was pretty excited when Fable: The Lost Chapters came out for PC. Following that I was pretty excited for FF13 and had my hopes and dreams crushed.

I have reached a new level of excitement for Diablo III.

My body is ready.
2 days 3 hours 29min......come on dammit!
1 Day, 23 hours. >.<

@Ignishin the FF I was most excited for ever was XII, for me its one of the very best. recently was very excited for Tales of Graces F, another amazing JRPG series 2nd* only to FF.
*If not better.
I have Tales of Vesperia. The soundtrack has put me off, I've gotten 8Hrs in and I have grown sick of elevator music.
I'm not a big fan of Vesperia, finished it but didn't feel the need to max out chars & do end game stuff, Graces is a much better game, and the series as a whole is amazing, I'd recommend trying graces when you can get it cheap, finishing a tales game can sometimes be a little draining, but once you do and have experienced the "tale" you're hooked for life.
Also, check out the soundtrack from Tales of Legendia, basically every track is amazing. try youtube.

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