Pre-download game client freezes my computer.

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Heyo everyone.

Due to some boring details, I lost the pre downloaded files for Diablo III, and yesterday when I tried to re-download them, my computer froze. Though it was a glitch, so restarted, and tried again, without doing anything at the same time. Around 700mb into the download, it happened again, and once more at the same place a try after. I can do nothing else than to hit the killswitch on my pc, and restart it.
I have tried putting the created folder in different places, but nothing seems to work.
So, I turn to you, and beg that you might have an answer.
I have the same issue, I'm eager to hear how to get around it...
Me too... Any one found a solution yet?
I fixed it. I deleted all diablo 3 files and the Blizzard Downloader (that had an icon like a blue tonado). Then i went into my account and chose download client->download diablo 3 and started over. But this time the icon was a yellow "D" with 3 red slashes behind on a dark background. And the download screen were different, with diablo 3 adds and "looking like diablo".

Hope it helps

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