ERROR: Unable to initialize streaming

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I'm sure this is due to excess traffic but I figured I'd try to make an official help post for this if not already done. If this is a repeat, I apologize.

Is this just because of excess traffic?

Running MAC 10.7.4
Confirmed also:
I had it too, go to your firewall and allow the diabloIII setup.exe

Fixed it for me, hope it works for you guys as well, see you later tonight!
right click on setup, run as admin

oh and be sure that your "Secondary Login" service is set to "manual" or "Automatic"


Sort by startup type....Find Secondary Login and have it set to manual or automatic
I am also seeing this when trying to pre-load on my laptop
Mines installing, just click the "I already activated" button
Running as admin cleared this error.
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I had the same issue, if you just rerun your downloader (and point it to the parent directory of where the install folder is located, e.g. if you have c:\games\diablo3install point it at c:\games) it will recheck all the download and then download a small 30 second new install .exe

Rerun the installer after and it will start installing fine.
so install initially to my root c:\ as an admin?

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