An unexpected error occured

Technical Support
An unexpected error occured while trying to install
Please try again or contact Customer Support.

Note that this is not the "Unable to initiate streaming" error. What can I do about this?
I'm getting the same
I am from Australia running Windows 7 getting the same error message
me 2 (from UK)
grrrrr... Im having the same issue
Same issue and the install files are still MPQE and not MPQ :S seems they are still encrypted.........
same issue "unexpected error occurred, please contact customer care."

tried restarting, running in admin mode, doesn't work still.

Win 7, 64bit, location Canada
hahaha....yep good ole Blizzard....same problem....
"I was getting all the same errors as everyone else. unable to stream, unexpected error, contact support, etc.

While reading some posts on the subject, I came across one that said any installer installed before Saturday will not work. I don't know why, they may have elaborated, but I didn't finish reading the post, or the responses to it. On it's surface, it doesn't really make sense, why would they allow people to pre-download the installer if said installer wasn't going to work on the 14th?

Anyway, long story short, I un-installed my old installer, and re-dl'd it from my account page, and voila. I'm installing the game as we speak."

I followed this guy's advice and it worked. You don't even need to redownload it all, just get the initial downloader again from your Bnet page and run that, tell it to save the installation files to the same location as your existing ones are. It'll download another 2mb or so and then work fine. Hope this helps you guys.

anyone getting the 'unexpected error' who is US you need to go to battlenet and predownload the game client as English(US), for some reason they set it at enGB by default and now i am downloading it.
this is gonna suck if i have to redowload the client due to my internet cap i will go over it costing me more money
I can also verify that changing US to GB fixed the issue.
Same error here with the enGB client. Re-downloaded then installer from and it downloaded a small amount extra and now it works. Thanks for the advice Iix.

Note, I did not change from enGB to enUS and it still worked.
Re-downloaded the installer file from Bnet. It scanned the other 7.6 gigs I had, downloaded another tiny portion and the installer worked fine afterwards. Don't worry you don't need to re-download everything, just the initial 7mb installer.
sweet ty it works now installing on 2 pcs can't wait til midnight, i am staying up til i crash(fall asleep) @ keyboard
its downloading another 8gigs wtf
i though game was completly downloaded in 1st installer now another 8gigs this sucks

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