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i pre downloaded the client earlier and tried installing but kept getting errors.

it was the setup-enUS version.

nothing could make it install.

tried the setup-enSG version and it started installing on the first go...

question - if i let it install can i select to play in the US or will i be locked to SG?

(im from australia btw)
When blizzard unlocks global play you can play on the US server
I think you'll be able to install as soon as the US servers go live - the download you choose only impacts the language in the game - your account will still be in AUS so you'll be able to point at the US server and play.

US servers going live is when they enable world play anyway, I suppose. (I'd imagine they will wait a bit while the servers handle the load from everybody logging in at once. The whole point of not enabling world play from the beginning was because we'd all have been hammering the Asia server trying to play sooner).

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